Companies in today’s digital age are always gripped by new technology that promises to improve customer service, bring in more sales, growth, and so on.

Just like when Facebook launched their Messenger Platform in 2016. Following the announcement, excitement filled the marketing space. For starters, the platform already has 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. There were a lot of speculations regarding what custom bots could mean for customer service teams.

At present, Facebook Messenger bots have become commonplace. A lot of brands have been leveraging chatbots to expedite customer service. One major advantage is the low barrier entry it offers for both the brand and its audience. There’s also a lot less competition. A Statista survey shows that out of 6 million advertisers present on Facebook, there are only 300,000 that use chatbot.

As a digital marketer, you should know about Facebook Messenger chatbots and how to use them for your own brand. We’ve listed useful insights on chatbots and how they can boost your marketing strategy. First, let’s answer a simple question:


What Is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Bot is a generalized term that refers to any software that automates a task. A Facebook Messenger bot is simply a chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger. If you go to your favorite brand’s Facebook page and click on that “Send Message” button, you may be interacting with the company’s chatbot.

Chatbots use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to converse with people. It can answer basic questions and also ask qualifying questions to help you learn more about users. What’s special about a Messenger bot is that it is created using Facebook’s Bot Engine. It means the more a bot interacts, the smarter it gets.  


While building a custom bot in Messenger is easy, the platform also has some limitations. For instance, you do not get a subscriber’s email address. This is because Facebook wants to keep users on Messenger. You do get demographic information which you can use in customizing content delivery for potential clients.

    5 Ways to Promote your Brand through Chatbots


    Using Messenger chatbots can be a learning curve for many. What is the best way to include chatbots into your marketing mix? Here are great tips to remember when using chatbots to promote your brand and interact with Facebook Messenger users.

    • Answer Basic Questions — You can set up a bot to answer basic questions about your company, especially the types of services you are offering. You can provide a simple FAQ list or start an interactive discussion. Images are allowed, so you can get creative based on what your potential client is looking for.
    • Promote Content — Let everyone on your Facebook Messenger subscriber list know about your new blog post or Facebook-related service. Are you going to a trade show or event? Let your subscribers know you’ll be there and how to find you.
    • Schedule an Appointment — What better way to engage someone interested in your services than with a Messenger bot? Let your bot ask for a potential client’s contact information and ask about the topics they are interested in. Offer a free appointment and schedule the call.
    • Add Messenger Button on Website — One of the simplest ways to get traffic to your Facebook Messenger bot is adding a button to your website. It’s similar to adding the Facebook button to direct visitors to your social media channel in general. This way, users can connect with your chatbot in just one click.
    • Facebook’s Discovery Tab — Get your chatbot listed in the Messenger Discovery tab on Facebook. It is where users can browse and find Messenger bots, nearby places and businesses to message. It will also help your chatbot gain visibility with the right audiences