If you’re an avid marketer, you must have learned about chatbots by now. They operate like virtual assistants for customers wherein the interaction is more personalized. They answer queries about a product or service, take orders, schedule appointments, etc. Bots not only provide better user engagement but also take on lead generation and nurturing.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of articles comparing chatbots and email marketing. Most of them point out the declining open and click-through rates of emails. For instance, most companies just get a 5-10% open rate through email while chatbots get an average of 70-80% in the first hour. This is why it is often suggested that bots are more effective.

While it is important to be up-to-date with new technology, let’s not forget that email is far from being extinct. Chatbots offer a ton of value but email marketing still delivers great conversions. Surveys reported in Search Engine Journal have found that 66% of consumers polled made a purchase through email. That’s double the conversion rate of of all the social media platforms combined.

As marketers in this ever-changing digital industry, we have to be smarter. Instead of using just one approach or replacing one channel with another, why not use chatbots and emails together to reach your marketing goals?

Why Email and Chatbot Complement Each Other

Emails and chatbots can very often have different functions. It is essential to understand which platform is best for certain use-cases. Emails are great for telling the story of your brand. Chatbots let you offer solutions in a timely manner. Why do chatbots and email marketing complement each other? Here’s why:

  • They have a common goal

Both tools aim to communicate with customers and provide them a great experience. Email and chatbot marketing help a user discover more about what you do. Chatbots can answer easy questions in a split second while emails can take care of more complex inquiries.

  • They deliver various content types

Both approaches allow you to engage users through various types of content. With chatbots, you are available 24/7. You can incorporate short, point snippets and add direction to external resources. Emails let you  deliver a more in-depth experience through a series of rich media messages.

How to Pair Up Email and Chatbot

Some people prefer to get an email while others prefer to chat. To capture both audiences, display both options on your web page. You get to either ask the user for his email address or send a message to his Facebook Messenger app and send weekly updates.

You can also promote one tool on the other and get an even higher engagement on both. For instance, you can mention in your email that the brand has a customer service chatbot and that a user can reach out anytime. Another way is to use the Messenger chatbot to gather email addresses. It usually works by offering content through your bot and asking if they would like to receive similar media via email. 

Ecommerce business owners can also take advantage of both channels. Users can now purchase products directly from bots. You can support this by sending personalized emails with your product to your audience. For instance, a customer that buys a beauty product through a chatbot should be offered detailed instructions on how to use it via email.

Now is the time to automate your business to the next level. Chatbots may be widely used by many brands but email marketing is still as effective as ever. Do you want to know how email marketing and chatbots can work for you? Contact us today and we’ll help you reach success more efficiently!